Installation by Ultravioletto

Decode takes its name from the act of decoding a complexity of messages to make it understandable. All the tweets and posts on social media, marked with the hashtag #DDD2017, will be turned into an evolving visual flow, thanks to mechanical and repetitive movements staged by robotic arms. This project combines the analog and the digital worlds. Ultravioletto, the creative studio from Rome who designed it, believes digital is necessary to complete and enrich the reality and to enhance the viewer's experience.

Fabbrica del Vapore

Conference Room



Ultravioletto is a creative studio applying design to emerging technology: design, architecture and art mix together and get contaminated by new technologies. A team of professional and creative directors, designers and coders who work together to bring new media technologies in the communication field. They create and design interactive installations, immersive environments and new experiences that combine analog and digital with the goal of creating unconventional interactive interfaces.

Their starting point, in all creations, is the human dimension of their background: it is a world to complete and enrich with a digital part, necessary to enhance the viewer's experience. They love to share their knowledge, so Ultravioletto group established art/science collaborations, teaching Interaction Design in institutions like IED (European Institute of Design) and La Sapienza University, in Rome.