Interactive Installation by Nicole McDonald

An emotional installation to tell an interactive tale about a young man, named Hue, who has lost his ability to see color. Hue is depressed and unwilling to engage and, as a result, he can’t see anymore how wonderful life is. It will be your duty to make him react: through VR, it will be possible to use your hands to connect with Hue, lead him around and entice him to walk. Be careful, Hue reacts realistically to your touch!

Fabbrica del Vapore

Conference Room


Marry the moon

Nicole McDonald, also known as MARRYtheMOON, is a multi-disciplined creative lead in games, traditional advertising, and interactive experiences. It has been her life’s passion to utilize technology as a creative tool and she is constantly seeking innovative ways for viewers to experience narrative as active participants. After studying new-media and filmmaking in college, Nicole began working in games at the famed Looking Glass Studios, where, as a game designer and 3D modeler, she first discovered stories as multi-axial continuums.

Nicole then moved on to advertising as a creative lead. Where she developed integrated campaigns and creative strategies for some of the world's largest brands. She’s written, directed, designed, and managed cross-functional teams on multi-platform marketing campaigns for clients such as Google, Toyota, Cirque Du Soleil, Motorola, Dove, Axe, American Idol, and Volkswagen. She now is focused on directing projects that fuse the digital and the real: her passion to use technology as a creative tool has led Nicole to produce award winning interactive experiences.