Anton & Irene

Hands-on Designers

Anton & Irene is a design studio based in Brooklyn, New York that works on Digital experiences ,Concept work, Interaction design, UX design. They teach, lecture, give workshops and love sharing their knowledge, and they literally go anywhere! They have worked with some pretty great people at some pretty awesome companies like Apple, Wacom, Fox, USA Today, Google, Netflix, National Geographic, CNN, Porsche. They also spend about 3 months a year working on self-initiated projects.


Conference Room






There's no other city in the world like New York. They wanted Urban Walks to be the kind of app that would allow visitors and curious locals to see New York the way they do — a city of larger-than-life characters, historical dramas, breathtaking architecture, and rich cultures.

Anton Repponen

Irene Pereyra

Solving problems and creating new visual languages is his biggest passion. His architecture background makes him think of design in a structural and humanistic way. Everything will need to make perfect sense and will need to be designed around the user since the place he is designing might end up being the place where some people will spend their entire lives.

Irene Pereyra

Grown in Amsterdam she was constantly surrounded by modernist design, which very heavily influenced her own taste and sensibilities. To her, great design is practical and starts with breaking things down to its simplest form, the straightest line from A to B. Anything superfluous makes her uneasy. She frequently have heated debates on how things can be done better with less stuff.


Every once in a while a dream client comes along whose products you not only love, and use on a daily basis, but who inspires you to do great work. The goal for the global redesign was to make the new as beautiful and intuitive as their actual products.

Whether users were looking for a powerful Cintiq or a simple tablet stylus, they should be able to really experience and understand what product would be right for them without having to go into the store.