Ars Thanea

The art of imagination

Ars Thanea is an award-winning CGI Studio that uses craft excellence to forge bonds with customers and propel businesses. Founded in 2007, a home to over 70 people who make work that matters and breathe excellence. The company is a part of SYZYGY Group (WPP) and specializes in production, CGI and animation. Ars Thanea received numerous international and domestic awards including Cannes Lions, Effie, One Show, AdFest, PromaxBDA, DMMA On-line Star, World Luxury Festival to name a few. The company was also listed on at TOP 10 Talent list created by Adweek.


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Crafting work that has emotional impact and drives businesses for the most demanding brands worldwide. This is the statement they live up to every day. They are up for challenges of all shapes and sizes. Doesn’t matter the industry or media, they aim to make a difference.

In order to deliver the highest standard of service and provide excellence they trust in honesty and straight talk. They are always up for a challenge. Bring wood, and together can make a lot of heat.

Piotr Nowacki, Lead 3D Artist

Marta Król , producer

Peter joined Ars Thanea in 2012, he is a Lead 3D artist responsible for texturing, shading, lighting and rendering. Piotr’s works are constantly featured in Creativebloq, Expose 10, 3D World magazine, ComputerArts magazine and Behance. The works he created with Ars Thanea team are worldwide awarded — Cannes Lion included.

Marta Król , producer

Marta graduated from Jagiellonian University Faculty of Management and Social Communication with a degree in Film Studies / Film Critic. She also studied Krzysztof Kieślowski Faculty of Radio and Television in University of Silesia. Marta has over 15 years of experience in film and postproduction industry, 25 movies and the most demaning Ars Thanea projects in her portfolio. Marta oversees all the creative, commercial and special productions at Ars Thanea.