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Tavo is a studio focused in art direction and creativity, based in Madrid, founded by Tavo Ponce in 2004. They work for all kinds of advertising agencies and studios with a multidisciplinary knowledge and experience in the fields of printing, digital and motion. Tavo believes that the concept and the story are the most important parts of the project, taking care of every detail, inch and second of the piece. A dynamic team, adaptable to the needs of each project, working for worldwide brands in Europe, USA and Middle East.


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Art Direction in 25fps

Tavo Ponce has always been halfway between reality, 3D, typography and animation. Born in Seville and based in Madrid since 2001, he is entirely self-taught in his field. In his early career, he jumped into the interactive world and worked as Art Director and Creative Director for some great agencies, such as Arroba Systems, Bety Byte or Proximity CP.

Art Direction in 25fps

Talk will be a journey through the Studio projects, clients, way of working and recent works, accompanied by brief tips about how to survive in the world of advertising and marketing (all in the funny Tavo style, using GIFs and nice examples). Whether the audiences’ profiles are freelance Art Directors, Creative Agency Directors or clients, this talk will be useful to all of them in dealing with customers and suppliers.