Andy Dahley

Google Design & Research

Andy will speak about design innovation approaches, applying cutting edge research in Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence to create applications for real people. He has a very unconventional approach to design, always tending to innovation. His sub-themes revolve mainly around design leadership as: team building design, design process to successful innovation, fear of change, growth and mentoring of designers, critical feedback, honest and authentic design, relationships and storytelling.


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Andy Dahley is a graduate of MIT Media Lab where he pioneered Tangible & Ambient media projects and haptic communication. He spent over a decade leading design teams at HP, Siemens, Philips, and BitTorrent before joining Google in 2010 as Head of Design for Google Hangouts. He went on to lead design for Google For Kids where he most recently piloted a customizable robot to help kids explore the world of programming.

Today, Andy heads up design for Google Research, a group on a mission to enable machines to achieve human-level intelligence in sensory perception, often at super-human scales.


For a designer working in the research field, there is no better place than Google. With its three billion searches each day, Google Research is the most-used search engine on the WWW.

The main purpose of Google Search is to hunt for text in publicly accessible documents offered by web servers, as opposed to other data, such as images or data contained in databases.