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Effective creativity

EPIC is the acronym of "Every Pixel Counts"​ and it says it all. Since the very beginning of EPIC, Benoit and his team have always dedicated themselves to craft awesome and eye-catching digital experiences that change the way you connect with users.


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Benoit is one of the four Co-Founders and the Managing Partner of EPIC. He leads the production and sales process and help clients shape up their digital strategy. Before founding EPIC, Benoit owned and directed an offline/online design shop and worked as a consultant for brands. EPIC is a digital agency made of passion and creativity. Their clients include Redbull, UPS, Samsung, Alpro and Scabal.


Don't scale up your team, level it up! Let's face it, behind every agency's shiny portfolio lies a crude reality: production process is a nightmare! We all struggle to manage projects efficiently while increasing the quality and the creativity. During his speech, Benoit will show how at EPIC, they've decided to completely reset the way designers work... for the better.