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frog is a global design and strategy firm, with more than 45 years of experience. They help organisations identify unexpressed customer needs, frame new opportunities and bring products and services to market. Creating ecosystems of brand, product and service that deliver a distinctly better experience for people around the world. Advancing human experience through design.


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Are designers influencing and transforming the society we live in? Or is the recent high demand for designers changing the role of the designer itself? In the last few years designers have become consultants, strategists, program managers, coders, artisans.

Big corporations also stopped working with third party designer firms and hired design experts to start creating their own internal UX teams. A story of the evolution of the designer role told through projects examples, lessons learned and future scenarios.   



Laura Bordin is an Associate Creative Director at frog. Her eclectic background in communication, visual and interaction design and her passion for in-field research allow her to design digital products and services that result in a relevant and meaningful experience for people. While at frog, Laura worked as a UX expert and led projects in the fields of telecommunication, healthcare, financial services and media for brands like RCS, Sky, Condè Nast, and Roche.


Creative Director at frog and awarded designer (ADC, Awwards, Lovie Awards), in her 6 years at frog Laura has been leading CX and Design Strategy programs with a focus on Brand Innovation and Digital Transformation working for clients in Europe and Middle East and for brands like AXA, Nespresso, IKEA and Al Jazeera.