Immersive Garden

Digital Creative Agency

They are a digital creative team based in Paris, rewarded for more than 20 projects. Immersive Garden was founded by award winning Art Director Dilshan Arukatti, who leads a creative team that has been passionately experiencing for over a decade new ways to bring to the world meaningful digital experiences that will touch people deep in their emotion and last in time. They constantly challenge theirselves to achieve this.


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Esthetics, ergonomics, design should all be used to serve a purpose. They believe that every detail matters and that everything you see and don't see should have a meaning. Their expertise allows them to support you in your project from the brief to the launch.

The team is cross-disciplinary: design, development, film direction, photography, motion design. These artistic and technologic skills added to their knowledge of strategy and their communication culture are the key to ground breaking and successful productions.

Dilshan Arukatti

Daisy Pofter

Dilshan Arukatti is Co-Founder and Creative Director at Immersive Garden. He’s an artistic and motion designer passionate about ideas and where they can lead him. Graduated at the Ecole Multimédia of Paris, he’s now a multi-awarded designer which combines sound design, video animation, graphics and interactivity, in order to offer us a moment of eternity and emotions.

Daisy Pofter

Daisy Pofter is Co-Founder and Digital Producer at Immersive Garden, completely involved in engaging in new digital challenges that will take us to infinity and beyond!