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TODO is a design consultancy and creative agency founded in Turin in 2007. Its strong multidisciplinary team pools interaction design, communication, visual design, product design, data visualization and software development to tackle complex projects with a unique mix of innovation, interaction and technology.


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Andrea is TODO’s managing director and has been in charge of all the business aspects of the firm since its foundation. With a strong background in communication sciences and an unshakeable pragmatic attitude, he is the go-to man when creative needs to get real, be on time, and comply with all specifications. By integrating design thinking in his management style, he has successfully planned, managed and produced festivals, exhibitions, and special events for over a decade, starting in the world of electronic music and interaction design, and branching out into any field of interest for our clients – from botany to banking and from dolphins to electric power distribution.


Alice designs highly interactive experiences for museums, exhibitions, events, and spaces. She completed her education with a master in design for interaction from Delft University of Technology and started her career in the Netherlands, creating the most conducive contexts for people to have fun and learn something new in science centers around the world. One day, she stepped into Amsterdam’s FabLab and found a haven where she would spend all of her free time – learning CNC prototyping well enough she taught digital fabrication techniques at the Willem De Kooning Academie for two years in Rotterdam. In 2011, Philips patented a new LED lighting system under her name. She admittedly came to TODO because we let her tinker with ideas, electricity, laser cutting, and all kinds of materials to create real, physical outputs for people to experience.