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TODO is a design consultancy and creative agency founded in Turin in 2007. Its strong multidisciplinary team pools interaction design, communication, visual design, product design, data visualization and software development to tackle complex projects with a unique mix of innovation, interaction and technology. Talk: “Interaction design is the practice of designing interactive digital products, environments, systems, and services.” Going beyond labels and definitions, in this talk we want to tell you about the principles that for ten years have inspired and guided our work – for better or for worse – because they represent what interaction design means to us.


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Andrea is TODO’s managing director and has been in charge of all the business aspects of the firm since its foundation. With a strong background in communication sciences and an unshakeable pragmatic attitude, he is the go-to man when creative needs to get real, be on time, and comply with all specifications. By integrating design thinking in his management style, he has successfully planned, managed and produced festivals, exhibitions, and special events for over a decade, starting in the world of electronic music and interaction design, and branching out into any field of interest for our clients – from botany to banking and from dolphins to electric power distribution.


With fifteen years of computational design experience and extensive IT knowledge, Fabio leads TODO’s software development team from a vantage point at the crossroads of design and coding. He scouts the best software technologies to constantly expand the firm’s capabilities so we can provide cutting-edge solutions to our clients, also by optimizing internal processes with Agile management methods.