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vanGoGh is an Italian multi-channel interactive agency with a digital heart, founded by Max Galli and Giorgio Guzzi. As you can tell from the name, vangogh wants to speak the language of art, a universal language that is linked not to a specific idea, but to its constant evolution.


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The risk of failure is what pushes us to improve, to look for something that doesn't exist yet, to climb the mountain without knowing what you'll see from the top: the sea, or just another peak to climb, another milestone to reach? We leap before we look every single day, trusting in our heart and our intuition. We don't want to arrive, we just want to enjoy the journey.

Happy birthday, happy new year, happy days, happy hours. what about happy work? we're always wishing each other happiness, but we often forget to look for it in the place where we spend most of our time. So here's our idea: if the people who work at vangogh are happy, our clients will be too. Maybe it won't change the world, but we have to start somewhere.

If we had to choose between day and night, we'd opt for an eclipse: surprising, fascinating and memorable, just the way we'd like our communications to be; a magnet that draws everyone's attention, letting you see everything in a different way. Simple, direct and effective, like every good message should be. Short and intense, like all emotions.


Digital Communications expert, designer and artist, co-founder of vanGoGh.
It was creative director, speaker and master trainer in NLP and coaching, Advisory Board Master Executive at MIP, Lecturer "Master in comunication & new technology" at Il Sole 24 Ore, Lecturer at IED Milan, since 2008 he has been CEO of vanGoGh.
He worked for Ferrari, Campari, Piaggio, Moto Guzzi, Aprilia, Vespa, Adidas, Mondadori, Granarolo, Candy, Hoover, IBM, Festina, Istituto Marangoni, Ebay, Maserati. Ethics, values ​​and positivity are the basis of his being creative entrepreneur.

"Many years ago I had a vision: an agency where the welfare of people it was more important than profit, where words like ethics, respect and contamination were a guide in search of the highest quality, our satisfaction and that of the client.
Today, after more than two decades of exciting stories, many wrinkles, 65 national and international awards, a head able to think freely because "devoid" of unwanted hair, I can tell my greatest loves, my wife and my daughter, a story I'm very proud: the stories of vanGoGh."