Your Majesty

Design & Technology

A design and technology firm in New York and Amsterdam that powers digital product and brand experiences for Netflix, adidas, Samsung, Spotify, BMW, Universal Music Group, Bentley, Absolut, American Express and Red Bull.


Conference Room





During their talk, James and Alvin will give a look into the global website launch event “May 1 Reboot”, presented by your Majesty Co and how they are able to launch 3,000 websites in one day.

Moreover, many tips about how getting inside your mind: starting from how they stepped into the minds of 9 personalities, and put you on a horse.

James Widegren

Alvin Groen

James Widegren is a Swedish New Yorker and Founding Partner of Your Majesty Co. and May 1 Reboot.

Alvin Groen

Alvin Groen is a Dutch Director, Designer and Animator at Your Majesty Co.