Compositing & Matte Painting

Workshop by Francesco Marzoli

This workshop is aimed at those who want to create advertising images or surreal scenes inspired by more photographs and merge them into a single composition. It is aimed at photographers, graphic designers and digital artist and retoucher.












It discusses how to set up a project from scratch, how to choose the right references and the right images. We will see how to make a matching between multiple photographs going to retouch shadows and highlights a realistic effect and not the classic "photoshopped". Will be demonstrated digital painting both in the concept phase is in phase of photorealistic rendering. Finally we will talk about creative Color Correction, to give a unique touch to our work and the object melting under a single color scheme.

You will learn to create stunning photo montages. You will learn about the tools for compositing approcciarti in the world. You'll know you set up your work area, and choose the right images for your work. You will learn to work with the lights and shadows on the materials. You will learn to create you custom brushes for water or fire. You will learn to manage color and how it behaves within a scene. It requires minimal knowledge of Photoshop.


• The workflow in and out of Photoshop
• How to set up a project
• Find the right images
• Set the work area
• Work on individual elements

• Working on the lights and shadows
• Work on the color of the elements
• Melt the elements between them
• Enter the details in the scene
• Work on the overall color of the composition


Francesco is a Digital Artist and teacher. He works with national and international agencies and has worked with clients such as Adobe, Decathlon, Sky, X Factor. Currently being on the board of the National Association Photographers Professionals is Beta Tester for X-Rite Pantone-products.

He teaches at 3 master at the Business School of Il Sole 24 Ore dedicated to communication, art and marketing. Speaker of the most important events related to photography and post production in Italy and was the CCC Color Correction Campus co-founder.

Francesco has a YouTube channel with almost 30 thousand members, and 2 million views. He loves movies, pizza and is sick of technology.